Auction 66 – Report

SSG Auction 66 – Final Report

            It has been quite an experience running my first auction!  This year’s Derby auction went postal-only when the conference had to be cancelled at short notice under lockdown.  This necessitated a shift in organisation, although the advertised dates remained unchanged.

            Nonetheless, I received postal bids for 43 of the 100 lots on offer.  We had five vendors and 11 buyers.  As it was postal, I decided to ask the vendors to send only the sold lots to me, after the sale had ended, thus saving considerable postage costs for both vendors and myself/SSG.

            Unfortunately, the package of lots sent by one vendor disappeared in transit to me.  The lots already had been realised by several successful bidders so, after several weeks waiting to confirm the loss, bidder payments had to be recalculated and the successful bidders submit payments before sending out their lot packages.  All this has resulted in a much longer waiting time for vendors to be paid, but cheques have now been posted.  The vendor has now initiated a compensation claim.

            Auction sales totalled £639.00, although a further £213.00 would have been generated from the sold lots lost in the post).  The SSG commission income is £128.40, with an additional £66.36 from 0.5% insurance coverage; these too would have been higher if the package had not been lost.  A charge of 50p/scan sent to buyers netted a further £11.00.  The postage costs of £48.22 are covered by the buyers while vendors paid themselves, in addition to £12.70 postage for paper catalogues sent to members without internet.  So, the SSG total income for Auction 66 is £205.76 less £12.70, or £193.06. Please click SSG Auction 66 – realisations.

            I would like to thank Andy Neal, Gwynne Harries, Brian and Anita Gardner and Paul Grigg for their help in steering me through this unprecedented auction experience.

            A request to members.  Arranging this auction has made me realise that the Auction Rules need some updating, simplification and clarity, as I have had several queries of interpretation that I could not answer properly, and others I also had to clarify with Committee members.  The last update was in 2004.  I would ask members to send me any suggestions for revision and improvement, based on their experiences at both the vendor and bidder/buyer ends of the auction.  I already have some ideas but would like to have other members’ comments.

Next year is going to be considerably easier.   And in Derby, we hope!

Jacke Phillips

26 June 2020


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