Camel Post Index

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1The Sacred Talismanic Number (B?Duh)Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. Other nec12
2The Projected Suakin-Berber Railway in the Egyptian Campaign, 1885.Firebrace, J.A. Postal History - Egyptian period14
3DONGOLA Sudan. Arabic Script in cancellationsDingwall, R.G. & Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. Postmarks - civilian13
4Observations on some recent auction offerings, ?Danson? Sudan.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Books and Reviews13
5The DANSON SaleStagg, Maj. E.C.W. Books and Reviews11
6The Sacred Talismanic Number (B?Duh) Part 2Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. Other nec24
7Unusual varieties of paper watermark orientation on the large camel stamps 1902-21 and postage dues of 1901.Hass, C.F. Other nec23
8Postal Rates - Postal Stationery.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery23
9Discovery. The Lithographed Printing of the 3 1/2 piastres aerogramme of 1954.Hass, C.F. Postal Stationery22
10The LADO ENCLAVE use of a Sudan Postal Card.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Postmarks - civilian22
11Rare, Scarce & Dubious Postmarks (Part 1).Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. Postmarks - civilian37
12Design Development for the Gordon Memorial IssueSmith, Prof. P.A.S.Air Mail - stamps36
13The 1931 Air Mail Provisionals - Varieties.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Air Mail - stamps31
14The Robson Lowe Sale of the collection formed by Col. H. E. Hebbert.Paget, C.R. Books and Reviews31
15Stanley Gibbons British Commonwealth Catalogue, 1978 - Review.Bowyer,H.L.Books and Reviews33
16Rare, Scarce & Dubious Postmarks (Part 2). Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. Postmarks - civilian410
17Postal Stationery, the Camel types Dates of Issue.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery42
18Postal Stationery NewsInglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery42
19An Interesting Usage of the 1907 2 milliemes Provisional Postal Card.Hass, C.F. Postal Stationery42
20The 1940 Surcharge 5m on 10m.Woodland, P. Definitive stamps - Camels52
21Seventh Permanent Issue of 1962, Recent Discoveries.Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. Definitive stamps - Other, post independence52
22Postal Rates 1904-1938.Swales, J. Postal Rates53
23Notes on Sudan Censorship Mark type 375Morris, J.M. Censorship55
24Observations on a FASHODA seal and Indian Telegraph stamps.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Other nec53
25An Appreciation of the late Major E.C.W. Stagg.-Personalities etc62
26The Gordon Issue and the De La Rue records.Beale, P.O. Air Mail - stamps64
27The 1906 5 milliemes ?Army Service? Triple Overprint.Hass, C.F. Army Service62
28Three 1902 Covers, type 28 Berber 9.iii.02, type 19 Berber 21.iv.02, type 264 White Nile T.P., J. Postal History - Sudanese period61
29Notes on:- Egypt used in Sudan, Forgeries, Gordon Essays?, Re-opening of Berber Post Office, 1897.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Provisional Issue63
30The 1962 Definitives. Another Surprise?Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Other, post independence62
31Postal Stationery News 2Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery61
321931 Air Mail Overprints on 2 piastres.Jones, B.M. Air Mail - stamps75
33Lead Kindly Light (Ultra-Violet)Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Other nec71
34The 1962 DefinitivesInglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Other, post independence71
35The HALFA SALIENT and its Post OfficesSmith, Prof. P.A.S.Postal History - Sudanese period73
36Cancelled to OrderWoodland, P. Postmarks - civilian72
37The Arab World PhilatelistBowyer, H.L. Books and Reviews73
38Dr. Samuel A. GOUDSMIT, O.B.E., Ph.D. An appreciation.Hass, C.F. Personalities etc81
39Censorship of 1924.Stagg, Maj. E.C.W. ,Morris, J.M. & Swales, J.Postal History - Censorship 1914 - 192486
40The Lithographed 3 1/2 pt. Port Sudan Aerogramme.Hass, C.F. Postal Stationery81
41Comments on the Egyptian type datestamps with Crescent and Star.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Postmarks - civilian82
42Where were they? Egyptian Post Offices in the Sudan 1867 - 1885.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postmarks - civilian81
43Sudanow (Monthly Journal) Review.Bowyer, H.L. Books and Reviews82
44Sudan 1975, T.P.O?sSipols, B.TPOs93
45Notes on:- Unlisted Double Overprint 1897 2 mill. Italian Occupation of Gallabat? 1936. Egyptian Post Offices in the Sudan. SHAKA Fantasy and ABU and RETTA cancellations.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Definitives - 1897 Provisionals94
46Rare, Scarce and Uncommon CancellationsStagg, Maj. E.C.W. Postmarks - civilian97
47The Army Telegraph DatestampFirebrace, J. A.Telegraphs102
48Army Service and O.S.G.S. stamps used on covers.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Other nec105
49De. La Rue Archives. The First Permanent IssueBeale, P. O.Definitive stamps - Camels105
50Scarce and Dubious Postmarks (Part 11)Stagg, Maj. E.C.W.Postmarks - civilian106
51Sudan Censorship Labels 1939-45.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal History - WWII military111
52Notes on 1931 Air Mail overprints on 5m, 10m and 2p values.Jones, B.M. Air Mail - stamps113
53The Gordon Statue Airmails of 1931, Essays, Proofs and Colour Trials.Boston, C.F.S.Air Mail - stamps1113
54Some Atbara cancellations.Swales, J. Postmarks - civilian122
55Postal Stationery Scarcity Factors.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery125
56Sudan Notes:- 3 1/2pt Aerogramme Stationery B & B1, An unrecorded Halfa cancel, 5m on 5pt. 1903, Misperf. on 5m large camel, 1st issue at Tokar.Hass, C.F. Other nec124
57Notes on Postmarks and Forgeries.Rotach, R.H.Postmarks - civilian125
58Varieties of the 1935 Air Mail Stamps.Rotach, R.H.Air Mail - stamps123
59Note and Illustrations of Items described in Sudan Notes (056).Hass, C.F. Other nec132
60Special and First Flights to and from the Sudan 1914-1939.Rotach, R.H.Air Mail - other1311
61The 1900-01 1m and 5m stamps with punctured SG.Hass, C.F. Officials138
62Sudan Special and First Flights.Rotach, R.H.Air Mail - other1411
63The Found Open ?Officially Sealed/Secured? labels of the Sudan.Hass, C.F. Other nec142
64Postal Stationery Synopsis of SSG meeting 10 May 1980.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery143
65New Error of the 1899 Provisional Post Card and uses of the 20 para Egyptian Postal Card.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Postal Stationery142
66The Telegraph stamps and the De La Rue correspondence.Beale, P. O.Telegraphs145
67Special and First Flights to and from Sudan 1914-1939 (Part 111).Rotach, R.H.Air Mail - other166
681948 Camel Postman Jubilee Commemoratives.Jones, B.M. Commemoratives - pre independence163
69An Official Sealed LabelSwales, J. Other nec161
70Sudan Post Offices 1940-1943Firebrace, J.A. Postal History - Sudanese period166
711m Official of 1946 with double SG overprintHass, C.F. Officials162
72Retouch on the 1m small camel of 1948Hass, C.F. Definitive stamps - Camels162
73The De La Rue Archives: First Impressions. Postal Stationery News 3. The 5m Envelope EN 6/1.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery183
74Operations Against the Sultan of Darfur, 1 March - 31 December 1916.Firebrace, J.A. Postal History - Censorship 1914 - 1924183
75The 1962 DefinitivesBowyer, H.L.Definitive stamps - Other, post independence189
76Dubious and Forged cancellations on covers from the Lado Enclave 1900-1910.Gudenkauf, A.G.Postmarks - civilian1811
77The 5 milliemes on 5 piastres surcharge of 1903.Hass, C.F. Definitive stamps - Camels185
78Postage Dues: The First Gunboat Issue B365 with reference to the De La Rue Archives.Beale, P.O.Postage Dues205
79Sudan - The Stamps Post-1970.Sutherland, I.A.Commemoratives - post independence206
80The First World War Base Army Post Office "Z".Benians, F.W.Postmarks - military203
81The Stamp Duty Revenue Stamps in use for postage.Bowyer, H.L.Revenues222
82Sudan Military Telegraphs. The 1897 Provisionals TEL and the 1898-1899 Camel Train Definitives.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F. & Bowyer, H.L.Telegraphs2217
83The Army Telegraphs Datestamp.Firebrace, J.A.Telegraphs222
84Notes on Stanley Gibbons 1983 Catalogue and Sudan Stamps.Bowyer, H.L.Books and Reviews223
85The 1962 Definitives - major errors and varieties.Bowyer, H.L.Definitive stamps - Other, post independence224
86Jebel Moya, 1911-1914, Postmark from an Archaeological Camp.Gibson, J.S.Postmarks - civilian241
87World War Two 1939-1945 Civil Censorship of Mail.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F. & Bowyer, H.L.Postal History - WWII civilian2420
88The Sudan Archives, Durham University.Bowyer, H.L.Books and Reviews267
89Stagg Postal Markings, Chapter 6 - Revision.Heaps, E.Postmarks - civilian263
90Notes on FPO 221 or 375, 1924 Censorship, An Italian POW Letter and Naval Mail WW 2.Walton, D.Postal History - WWII military267
91World War Two - Security Cancellations.Firebrace, J.A.Postal History - WWII military264
92Official First Day Covers.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Other nec277
93Imperial Airways Mails 1931 to the Second World War.Jones, B.M.Air Mail - other289
94March 1931 First Flight Covers from Malakal.Jones, B.M.Air Mail - other283
95Colour Trials, 4th Permanent Issue 1927-1940 and First Airmail Issue 1931-1935.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Camels283
96Camel Postman. Watermark variety 4th Permanent Issue 4 Milliemes.King, W.Definitive stamps - Camels281
97Sudan Postal History since Independence. A plea for more research.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period284
98Sudan-Abyssinian Campaign, some local atmosphere. Reprinted from OPAL No 107 (Sept 1967).Rudkin, J.F.H.Postal History - WWII military282
99Review Article: "Egypt the Posta Europea and 1984 Kher Catalogue of Interpostals" by E.A. Kher & P. Cockrill.Bowyer, H.L.Books and Reviews281
100RAF Censorship in the Sudan during the Second World War.Gardner, B.A.Postal History - WWII military302
101Origins of the Camel Post.Stanton, E.A.Postal History - Sudanese period302
102A Contribution on First Day CoversJones, B.M.Other nec303
103More on First Day Covers.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Other nec303
104Comments on some overprint issues.Cooper, J.Other nec303
105Postal Stationery News 4.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery303
106Late Extra on TPOs.Heaps, E.S.TPOs301
107Late Extra on TPOs.Heaps, E.S.TPOs301
108Sudan from my collection.Johansen, K.A.Other nec302
109Review Article: "Post Offices and Postal Agencies of the Sudan 1970-1983" by H.R.J. Davies.Bowyer, H.L.Books and Reviews303
110World War 2 1939-1945 Civil Censorship of Mail - an update of the survey in CP 24.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F. & Bowyer, H.L.Postal History - WWII civilian317
111World War 2 Sudan Defence Force Censor Marks.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal History - WWII military311
112Sorting or Censor Marks? The "A", "K" and "O" Handstamps in WW1.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Censorship312
113The "K" and "O" Handstamps in WW1.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Censorship311
114The "Army Service" overprint.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Army Service311
115Sudan Service Punctured Officials.Paget, C.R. Officials312
116Meter Stamps.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postmarks - civilian312
117Tani and the Star and Crescent postmarks on Egyptian stamps.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Postmarks - civilian312
118Agricultural Show Postmarks (from OPAL Newsletters 29 and 33).Postmarks - civilian312
1194th Permanent Issue - Inverted watermark and plate number layout.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Camels311
120Changes in Post Offices and Postal Agencies in Sudan.Davies, H.R.J.Postmarks - civilian314
121Recent Sudan Commemorative Stamp Issues.Sutherland, I.A.Commemoratives - post independence312
122Sudan Postage Stamp Official Collection 1955.Dingwall R.G.Officials328
123The Official Stamps Punctured "SG" 1912-1936.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Officials321
124Sudan Army Service Punctured Officials.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Army Service322
125Sudan TPO markings since 1970.Heaps E. and Davies H.R.J.TPOs326
126Sudan Air Mail: Gordon Issue - a new variety?Reid A.J.Air Mail - stamps321
127The Australian Contingent to Suakin, 1885.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Egyptian period324
128Sudan Centenary covers.Davies, H.R.J.Commemoratives - post independence322
129Large Star and Crescent Postmarks associated with the 1884-85 Nile ExpeditionBowyer H.L.Postmarks - civilian329
130Letter from Suakin in the Ottoman Period.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Postal History - Egyptian period332
131Postmarks of the 1884-85 Nile Expedition - the Orde correspondence.Bowyer H.L.Postal History - Egyptian period334
132Telegraph Office at Tonga.Reid A.J.Telegraphs331
133FPO No 11: Suakin 1896?Gibson, J.S.Postmarks - military332
134Tewfekia, Sudan.Dight J.F.Postmarks - civilian332
135Sudan "perfins".Reid A.J.Other nec331
136Registered mail on Sudan TPOs.Dight J.F.TPOs333
137Sudan TPOs 1889-1970.Davies, H.R.J.Postmarks - civilian3310
138Review of 2 publications: 1 - The Rehearsal - Australians at war in the Sudan by K. S. Inglis. 2 - But Little Glory - the NSW Contingent to theSudan 1885 ed P. Stanley.Gibson, J.S.Books and Reviews333
139An Early Letter from Khartoum.Humphrey A.H.S.Postal History - Egyptian period343
140The position of the "Gun Barrel" variety.Gibson, J.S.Definitive stamps - Camels341
141Sudan Military Telegraphs.Langmead P.Telegraphs349
142Sudan Military Telegraph Stamps - definitive issues.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Telegraphs342
143The War Postal History of the Sudan 1914-1924.Firebrace J.A.Postal History - Censorship 1914 - 19243417
144Transit and Despatch cancellers at Khartoum.Johansen K.A.Postmarks - civilian342
145Postal Stationery News 5.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery353
146Recent Sudan Commemorative Postage Stamps.Sutherland, I.A.Commemoratives - post independence351
147Post-Independence Commemoratives 1956-70.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Commemoratives - post independence351
148A contribution on postal rates.Jones B.M.Postal Rates354
149The Khartoum Statues.Jones B.M.Other nec351
150The Matteucci-Massari Expedition.Smith, Prof. P.A.S.Postal History - Egyptian period353
151An interesting cover from the Ivory Coast.Gibson, J.S.Postal History - Sudanese period352
152Airgraphs from and to the Sudan.Bowyer H.L. and Jones B.M.Airgraphs3514
153Sudan Cancellations 1897-1903; some queries.Gibson, J.S.Postmarks - civilian352
154A Director of Posts on Tour, 1877-78.Davies, H.R.J.Books and Reviews351
155Review Article: "Wheels and Paddles in the Sudan 1923-46" by C.R. Williams.Dingwall, R.G.Books and Reviews351
156Sudan Post Offices in Ethiopia, Gambeila and Sabderat.Gibson, J.S.Postal History - Sudanese period369
157The Sudan: straight line censor handstamps, 1915-19.Firebrace, J.A.Postal History - Censorship 1914 - 1924366
158Sudan World War 2 1939-45: civil censorship of mail (2nd update).Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal History - WWII civilian362
159The Official Stamps punctured "SG" 1912-36.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Officials361
160The Official Stamps overprinted "OSSG" 1903-12.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Officials361
161Sudan Stamp .BookletsInglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Camels361
162Nuba Mountains Mobile P&T Offices.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period361
163Colonel (later General) Charles Gordon and a proposed New Postal System for the Sudan.Mauerberger, H.M.Postal History - Egyptian period367
164Licurgo Alois Santoni, Director of Posts for Upper Egypt and Nubia and his visit to Sudan in 1878.Davies, H.R.J.Books and Reviews362
165Postal communications between London and Sudan in 1884 and 1898.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Egyptian period364
166"Sudan Military Railway" cachet.Dight J.F.Postmarks - military362
167Bahrain Camel PostDavies, H.R.J.Other nec371
168Gordon and the Sudan Postal System.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period371
169First World War: passed censor, Halfa.Firebrace, J.A.Postal History - Censorship 1914 - 1924371
170A Second World War puzzle (and a solution?).Cousins, J.Censorship373
171Army Telegraphss G-I.Firebrace, J.A. and Langmead, P.Telegraphs371
172Post Independence Commemoratives, 1956-1970.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Commemoratives - post independence371
173The 1940 5mms on 10mms Surcharge varieties.Woodland, P and Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Camels371
174More on Tewfikia and Taufikia.Humphrey, A.H.S and Dingwall, R.G.Postmarks - civilian372
175Sudan Army Service Punctured Officials: forgeries.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Army Service371
176The Large SG overprint 1936-1951.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Officials372
177Insufficiently Paid for Despatch by Air.Gibson, J.S. and Davies, H.R.J.Air Mail - other372
1786th Permanent Issue 1951, Proofs.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Other, pre independence371
179Another Early Letter for Khartoum.Freschi, G.Postal History - Egyptian period372
180More on Gambelia and Sabderat.Gibson, J.S.Postal History - Sudanese period372
181Port Sudan 3 1/2pt Air Mail Lithograph.Cartwright, B.Air Mail - stamps372
182The Sudan Resealing Censorship labels 1914-1919.Firebrace, J.A.Postal History - Censorship 1914 - 19243712
183Postal Stationery News: 6.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery383
184A Letter from The Sudan to the Dutch East Indies.Gottschalk, H.Postal History - Egyptian period382
185More on Sabderat and Gambeila.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period382
186El Amarat P&T Office, Khartoum.Davies, H.R.J.Postmarks - civilian381
187Sudan: The Travelling Post Offices.Dight J.F.TPOs3830
188Major General Rudolf von Slatin describes the Sudan Postal Service in the 19th Century.Freschi, G.Postal History - Egyptian period393
189Registration Labels used at Khartoum.Johansen, K.A.Other nec393
190An Interesting Suakin Campaign Letter.Sattin, G. and Gottschalk, H.Postal History - Egyptian period392
191Major General Sir Charles William Gwynn 1870-1963.Goodwin, P.F.Personalities etc3911
192Some Recent Oddities.Davies, H.R.J.Other nec392
193Two Sudan Commemorative Issues in 1988.Sutherland, I.A.Commemoratives - post independence392
194Christmas Greetings from the Middle East 1954.Welchman, H.Postal History - WWII military391
195Interpostal Seals: Forgeries.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Interpostals391
196"Egypt Postage Prepaid" cancellations on RAF mail from the Sudan: a cautionary note.Dight J.F.Postmarks - military392
197Sudan Meter Marks.Cooper, J.Postmarks - civilian393
198The De La Rue Archives: changes affecting research.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Books and Reviews401
199Cancellations used at the Head Post Office, Khartoum.Johansen, K.A.Postmarks - civilian407
200The TPO Booklet.Dight J.F.TPOs402
201Gambeila Pt1.Doig, K.Postal History - Sudanese period408
202Telephone Station at Gambeila.Welchman, H.Postal History - Sudanese period401
203A Letter from Khartoum to Addis Ababa in 1964.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period401
204An Indian Merchant's Letter Posted on the train Suakin to Port Sudan.Gibson, J.S.Postal History - Sudanese period401
205Early Forged Postmarks of the Sudan.Hass, C.F.Postmarks - civilian401
206A Variant Form of "Retta" Canceller.Gibson, J.S.Postmarks - civilian401
207Gezira Agricultural Show Cancellations.Collier, N.Postmarks - civilian401
208Second Permanent Issue: Gun Barrel Variety.Cartwright, B.Definitive stamps - Camels401
209Postal Stationery News:7Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal Stationery402
210Interpostal Seals: an update of Stagg's Listing.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Interpostals402
211How Sudan Postal Service Represents "Piastres" on its stamps.Cooper, J.Commemoratives - post independence401
212Re-use of Stamps from the Pre-Independence Issue of 1951.Sutherland, J.Definitive stamps - Other, pre independence401
213The Sudan Postal Service in 1904.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period402
214Commemorative Postmark.Jones, B.M.Postmarks - civilian412
215Two Censored Covers from the Second World War.Bjork, W.Censorship412
216Senhit.Freschi, G.Postmarks - civilian413
217Machine Cancellations at Khartoum.Trizis, P.Postmarks - civilian413
218The Dalison Correspondence: a cautionery tale?Mauerberger, H.M.Postal History - Egyptian period412
219The Reconquest/Military Period 1897-1903.Gibson, J.S.Postal History - Sudanese period414
2201927-40 Camel Provisionals: forged overprints and surcharges.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Camels413
221Gordon Proofs.Cartwright, B.Air Mail - stamps413
222Datestamps of the Egypt E.600 used in the Sudan and Eritrea.Firebrace, J.Postal History - WWII military413
223The Khedivial Mail Line Offices, Suakin.Welchman, H.Paquebot and Ship Mail411
224Sudan Post Offices in 1902 and 1904Gibson, J. and Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Sudanese period412
225Sudan World War Two 1939-1945: Civil Censorship of Mail.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F. and Bowyer, H.Postal History - WWII civilian417
226World War Two 1939-1945: Civil Censorship of Mail - News Extra.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal History - WWII civilian422
227Updating Chapter 5 of Stagg's Book.Davies, H.R.J.Books and Reviews421
228RAF Squadrons in the Sudan.Collier, N.Postal History - WWII military421
229World War Two: RAF Operations in the Sudan 1940-1941.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal History - WWII military422
230Tell Us More.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Postal History - Sudanese period423
231Khartoum Post Office.Welchman, H.Postmarks - civilian421
232Private Mail Bag.Jones, B.M.Postal History - Sudanese period422
233Special Mail Bag Service.Firebrace, J.Postal History - Sudanese period424
234"Enquiries" Cancellers.Gibson, J.S. and Trizis, P.Postmarks - civilian422
235Notes and Comments on Stagg's Chapter 3, 1897-1903.Gibson, J.S.Books and Reviews425
236An Interesting Cover from the Expedition to Relieve Gordon 1884-85.Humphrey, A.H.S.Postal History - Egyptian period422
237Exercise Mirza.Welchman, H.Postal History - Sudanese period422
238Transfer of Mail from River to Rail at Kosti.Dight, J.F.TPOs422
239White Nile TPO: SSG type WN6-Z.Dight, J.F.TPOs422
240Book Review: Sudan: The Postal Markings of the Travelling Post Offices 1887 - 1989, SSG 1990, J.F. Dight.Stock, R.C.TPOs422
241Recent Commemorative Issues.Sutherland, I.A.Commemoratives - post independence433
242Air Transport in the Sudan, 1943-1945.Dight, J.F.Postal History - WWII military433
243A Postcard from Gedaref in 1904.Hass, C.F.Postal History - Sudanese period432
244"Italy to Assist England if Asked" 1885.Langmead, P.Postal History - Egyptian period431
245An Interesting Family Connection.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - WWII civilian432
246Express Postal Service in the Sudan.Trizis, P.Other nec432
247Egyptian Censor Marks on Sudan Covers.Trizis, P.Censorship434
248Further Notes and Comments on Stagg Chapter 3 - Postmarks of the Reconquest/Military Period.Gibson, J.S.Postmarks - military435
249Surcharges on the 1962 Definitive Issue.Sutherland, I.A.Definitive stamps - Other, post independence432
250A Philatelic Cover of a Different Kind.Cartwright, B.Definitive stamps - Camels432
251Some Talismans Seen on Recent Letters.Sutherland, I.A. and Davies, H.R.J.Other nec432
252Army Telegraph Cancellation B?N.Langmead, P.Telegraphs431
253Early Days at Port Sudan.Welchman, H.Picture Postcards432
254Exercise Mirza and Mirza 2.Welchman, H.Postal History - Sudanese period433
255Experiences of a Sudan Collector.Measham, T.Other nec442
2561927-1940 "Camel" Provisionals: Forged Overprints and Surcharges.Inglefield-Watson, Lt. Col. J.F.Definitive stamps - Camels441
257Prisoner of War and Civilian Internee Mail.Bowyer, H.L.Censorship4417
258The Postal System in the Sudan during the Mahdist Period.Davies, H.R.J.Postal History - Egyptian period441
259Qat in the Sudan.Brewer, J.Postal History - Sudanese period442
260Major -General Sir Charles William Gwynn (1870-1961): Part 2.Goodwin, P.F.Personalities etc449
261Book Review: British Empire Campaigns and Occupations in the Near East 1914-1924: A Postal History by J Firebrace.Davies, H.R.J.Books and Reviews442
262White Nile TPOBrown, R.C.TPOs451
263Gambeila Pt2.Doig, K.F.Postal History - Sudanese period4511
264Further Amendments to Stagg Chapter 3.Gibson, J.S.Books and Reviews456
265The "5milliemes" on 5 piastre Surcharge of 1903.Hass, C.F.Definitive stamps - Camels453
266Corrections, Queries and Additions to Khartoum cancels in CP 40.Johansen, K.A.Postmarks - civilian452
267Atbara Station.Stock, R.C.Postmarks - civilian451
268Sudan Postage Tax, 1979 Issues.Cooper, G.V.Postage Dues454
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