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Wm Barclay

Hello SSG Members using this site. This post is in part an attempt to start a discussion on this forum. Bear with me as I try to figure out how to go about posting a photo and comments. I recently shared this photo of my Provisional ‘Colour Variations’ with another student of Sudan Philately and he questioned the legitimacy of the ‘blue-green’ colour shade of the 2 mil value, pointing to the usual suggestion that they were ‘colour changlings’. I remain skeptical of this explanation as many of these stamps appear to be in excellent mint condition. I am open to other views and ready to acknowledge my mistake.

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About Wm Barclay

Male, DOB 31-05/1955, Married, Currently retired in Vermont, USA. I collect Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt (early), Italy (early), South Africa Revenues, Hawaii (early). Am a member of the South Sudan Philatelic Society, American Philatelic Society, and Egypt Study Circle.

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