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  1. If you are seeing this post it means you have found the new website of the Sudan Study Group. It is also on a new web address which is
    Please send any comments, contributions or articles for publication to:

  2. Is this area working OK now? And can I attach pictures?

    • It should be working as indeed I am able to see your post and approve it. Also you are able to attach images. If you look at past posts you will see Malcolm Coe has attached an image of the camel postman.

  3. Anyone know anything about what seems to be a star and crescent cancelation?

  4. Has anyone got any full panes of the First Provisional stamps? I could be interested in purchasing if for sale at a price I can afford, but if not, I would very much appreciate a good quality scan. I already have 2 such panes (1m and 3m) and am looking for the other 6 values at least electronically. Many thanks.

  5. Good evening fellow members of the SSG.
    It has been very quiet on the members’ page since the site opened. I am trying to see if there are any of you visiting occasionally. I am on the look-out for a postally used copy of the 50 Piastres Gordon commemorative, SG67, without any faults. I fear I have not any suitable material to offer in exchange, so I hope somebody might find a reasonable price for a copy. I have booked for the conference in April and I am looking forward to meeting my new friends from last year again and hopefully make new aquaintances.
    Best regards

  6. Barclay, thank you for your reply. Still hope. I was beginning to fear it was the wrong website. Very quiet.
    Regards, finn

  7. I seem to be unable to find the most recent editions of The Camel Postman on this site. I see 3 listed, but when I click on them, I am informed that they are not there. Any ideas?

  8. Hi All.
    I collect postcards of the Sudan and I have built up quite a collection of duplicates and wondered if there was anybody else who had duplicates that we might be able to swap.
    Also, I have Brian Jones’s “Sudan Picture Postcards” publication plus the April 2000 and June 2006 addenda but through my collection I have added to these listings and would be happy to swap info with anybody else who has also added to the listings. I should add that my own lists differ from Brian’s in that I have used the actual titles, as printed on the card, if any, (including odd spellings!). My list is on Excel.
    I can be contacted at:

  9. Hi Mike, Do you have any of the Suakin PO postcards? Or others posted at Suakin? I’m interested.

    • Hi Jacke. Apologies for the delay in responding. I only have picture postcards and I am afraid that whilst I have some of Suakin/Suakim etc. I have no listing of where any of my cards were posted from. I will try and check the ones actually of Suakin when I get a few moments.

  10. Hello Mike – I do not have a collection of Sudan PCs but am after a PC showing the gunship Zafir. I want to include it in an Open Presentation on postage due stamps. Do you have a duplicate you would be willing to part with for a reasonable price?

    • Hi Malcolm. Firstly apologies for the delay in responding. I am afraid that I do not have any PCs of the Zaffir. Perhaps somebody else could help?
      All the best

  11. Dimitrios Stamatiadis

    can anyone please help me with this stamp?
    It is of 5m value but with colours of a 2m stamp. (1921-23)
    Watermark is crescent and star.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Dimitrios.

      Do you mean the ‘small camel’ 5 millieme with the brown centre – has a sage green centre instead?
      If so – Gisburn & Thompson’s book –
      “Note – No forgeries of the “Camel” stamps have been recorded, but attention is drawn to specimens of the 5 milliemes with sage-green (instead of the normal brown or olive-brown) centre, which periodically turns up and causes speculation as to its status. Collectors are warned that this is a worthless colour-changeling. A copy has been submitted to Messrs. De La Rue & Co., who definitely confirm that the colour in question was never produced by them. They ascribe the change to contact with some form of bleaching-agent and point out that this vindicates them in their policy of using fugitive inks which would produce colour changes of this nature if anyone tried to tamper with the stamps, eg, by endeavouring to remove cancellations from them.
      A series of experiments carried out on this particular stamp by Colonel Danson has conclusively shown that strong sunlight has the same effect as a bleaching-agent, and will alter the centre to the sage-green colour mentioned. It should be noted, however, that this applies only to certain (and very few) printings of this denomination, but it is probable that the majority of colour-changelings of this description have been caused by such exposure to light.”


  12. I am looking for a scan of a full sheet of 2 and a half piastres AIR MAIL. Just a scan. I want to analyse the entire sheet. Thank you.

  13. Hi Mike and Malcolm,
    I have the post card showing the Zaffir, and I also have many duplicates that I’d be happy to trade. Let me know what you’re interested in acquiring. I can be reached at

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